SV 111 - Vibration Calibrator

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SV 111 - Vibration Calibrator

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SV 111 Vibration Calibrator is the State of the Art instrument designed for in-situ checks according to ISO 8041. In-situ checks are intended for application in the field prior to and following a measurement or series of measurements. They act as a check of the instrument’s basic calibration and functionality. The SV 111 is suitable for calibration checks of various types of vibration meters at different frequencies from 16 Hz up to 640 Hz. Depending on the selected frequency user may select level of calibration from 1 m/s2 to 10 m/s2.

- Self-contained portable vibration calibrator - Easy calibration of all type of vibration transducers for acceleration, velocity and displacement at 79.6 Hz and 159.2 Hz - In-field accelerometer checks according to ISO 8041 - Built-in reference accelerometer - Cross-axis / transverse vibrations detection - Low frequency calibration at 15.92 Hz with maximum payload of 1kg! - Complete seat-accelerometer calibration Technical file