SV110 hand-held vibration calibrator

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SV110 hand-held vibration calibrator

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 Hand-held portable vibration calibrator  Two frequencies 79.58 Hz and 159.2 Hz  Maximum load of 0.3 kg! Calibration checks of machine vibration accelerometers In-situ checks of hand-arm vibration accelerometers according to ISO 8041  Cross-axis/transverse vibrations detection with built-in reference accelerometer

The SV 110 is a hand-held vibration calibrator designed for verification of machine sensors as well as on-site checks of human vibration accelerometers in accordance to ISO 8041. The small size of SV 110 enables easy checks of sensors at the machines. Depending on the selected frequency user may select level of calibration from1 m/s2 to 10 m/s2. Accelerometers are conveniently attached using mounting stud, mounting disc or dedicated adapter.