SV 38V - Seat Accelerometer

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SV 38V - Seat Accelerometer

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SV 38V Seat Accelerometer is a triaxial Whole-Body seat accelerometer based on MEMS transducers dedicated to SV 106 instrument for Human Vibration measurements according to ISO 2631-1 requirements both on a seat pad or seat back. The SV 38V uses low voltage and consumes much less energy than IEPE accelerometers extending battery life time of SV 106 instrument. The built-in TEDS memory stores information about the accelerometer sensitivity that is automatically transferred to the SV 106 vibration analyser helping to avoid configuration errors.

- Meets ISO 8041 and ISO 2631-1 - Dedicated to SV 106 - Low-power consumption - Robust technology - TEDS memory - Low price