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The most standard IEPE industrial vibration sensor .... If you don't know which one you should buy, this is the one! The best ratio price/performance. This one is used worldwide, for almost every application : windturbine (100 mV/g and low frequency 500 mV/g with M12 connector), fans, pumps...

Superior performances: Product's Plus... The best deal in the today industry. Why? - Glass seal connector has a life time warranty hermetic sealing. (Epoxy sealing is not a long term reliable solution). - Our integral cables (standard, overbraided or with conduit) are all IP68. They have been used successfully in submersible application down to 150 meters. - Connector is fully made of AISI 316L with no plastic parts. It withstands 120°C and many chemicals - We use annular shear design not obsolete compression design. (Reading values are not sensitive to cable motion). - Our electronic uses Jfet transistor input so the sensor is shock protected. We have also incorporated ESD and miswiring protection - Thanks to the latest electronic design, our sensors are more compact than most competitors (Hex 22mm, height = 47mm) - We have developed a special M12 cordset with AISI 316L stainless steel nut and IP 68 rating Variants: 10 mV/g±5%, Mil connector, 800g Dynamic 100 mV/g ±10%, Mil connector, 80g Dynamic 100 mV/g ±10%, M12 connector, 80g Dynamic 500 mV/g ±5%, Mil connector, 16g Dynamic 100 mV/g±10%, 16 ft (5m) 194°F Polyurethane cable, 80g Dynamic 100 mV/g±10%, 16 ft (5m) 392°F overbraided FEP cable, 80g Dynamic 100 mV/g ±10%, 16 ft (5m) 194°F Polyurethane cable with SSTL Conduit, 80g Dynamic FAQ: What is the most standard variants ? - The 100 mV/g (80 g dynamic) is the most standard version for general purpose vibration monitoring. - The 500 mV/g is recommended for very low speed machine where you have to measure vibrations down to 0.2 Hz. What connector is the most standard - If you are in Europe or Asia, then M12 is the most standard connector. Technical file