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Signatrol SL 55

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The SL54TH is our lowest cost temperature and relative humidity data logger. It is a self contained and self powered with the ability to record up to 8,000 data points. The SL54TH can operate in a temperature range of -20°C to +85°C and up to 100%RH. - Lowest Cost Temperature And Humidity Solution - Small Physical Size - 2 Year Battery Life - TempIT Compatible

Temperature data logger that measures from +15°C to +140°C with an accuracy of ±0.5°C. Starter kits are available with either two or five data loggers, the USB Interface and the TempIT-PRO software. The SL55T-A is a self contained, temperature data logger with the ability to record up to 8,000 temperature points over the range +15°C to +140°C with an accuracy of ±0.5°C from +80°C to +140°C ideal for autoclave verification. The button data loggers themselves are very small (about the same size as a watch battery) which enables them to be inserted into small items and packages. The SL50-INTERFACE-USB cable interfaces to the USB port of a PC and is totally compatible with the user friendly, FREE OF CHARGE, TempIT-LITE operating software which enables the logger to be set up and the data read and displayed in graphical format. Data can be stored and retrieved at a later time. The software can be up-graded to TempIT-Pro which provides various additional features such as data table view, export data to spreadsheet, email graphs, and automated MKT, F0, A0 and PU calculations etc. Please note: If ordering online, there will be a slight delay in despatching the items due to the calibration procedure. Calibration is carried out at +80°C, +105°C and +130°C. If non-standard calibration points are required, please indicate with your order Technical file