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Bipolar linear control NLB series from 6.5V to 350V / 35W to 1.4kW Bipolar linearly regulated power supply units provide an output voltage, the value and polarity of which can be set. The mains voltage is transformed and rectified according to the required maximum output voltage and stored in two intermediate circuits for the positive and negative output voltage. With the rectified voltage, the capacitor bank of the intermediate circuit is charged to a constant voltage, which is sent to the output via a serial control transistor. The output stages of the positive and negative circuit are connected together as a push-pull output stage. The stability of the output values ??and the control speed is determined by the control transistors. Bipolar power supplies can be operated as 4-quadrant amplifiers (optionally also for active loads).

SPECIAL FEATURES: - Bipolar linear control - Fast regulation - Bipolar adjustable output voltages (4 quadrant operation) Technical file