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Autoranging MCA series from 150V to 3000V / 750W to 9000W The NCA / MCA series are autoranging power supply units with stepless automatic range adjustment. They deliver full output power over a wide voltage and current range. The automatic power limitation results in a work area that is around three times larger than that of other power supply units. Equipped with the optionally available computer interface, the power supply units of the MCA / NCA series become universally applicable system power supply units. In terms of their mode of operation, they are primarily switched-mode power supplies with pulse width modulation. The rectified mains voltage is chopped into square pulses, transformed, rectified and smoothed. The square wave voltage is width modulated for regulation.

SPECIAL FEATURES: - Switching regulator - Autoranging power supply with continuous automatic adjustment of the work area - Full output power over a wide range of output voltage and current - Potential-free outputs