Wind polar unit

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Wind polar unit

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For displaying real-time wind speed and direction It shows on digital display the instant and maximum wind speed value in knots, MPH, Km/H, m/s It shows instant wind direction (alternately to max wind speed) and shows the wind direction on a polar display made by 36 led with the last 10 acquisitions information. Information regarding instant wind speed and direction measurements can be replaced by the average values over a programmable time base. Polar wind display unit informs about alarm situation over wind speed and direction using led and relay contacts. It has 0-5 Vdc (and RS485, ASCII file) output for wind speed and direction. More units (up to 16 units) can be mounted together over a RS485 line.

Highlights - Indication on digital displays of the instantaneous and maximum wind speed (or the instantaneous direction); - Visualization of the instant wind direction on a 36 led polar dial; - Ability to view average values over a configurable period. - Configurable alarms on display or through relay outputs; - Possibility to put up to 16 units in series (using RS485). Technical file