STB – Sensor Transducer Box

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STB – Sensor Transducer Box

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4-input converter for a wide range of signals Four inputs signal conditioning unit to converter Voltage, Pt100, Thermocouples and Frequency signals into 4÷20 mA. It can receive signals from different sensors on the market as: solar irradiance sensor, also pyranometers (configurable sen-sitivity value), temperature sensors (Pt100 and thermocouples) and wind speed sensor (Hz).

Highlights - N.1 high resolution input (18 bit) for Pyranometer/reference cell (µV, mV). Configurable sensitivity value; - DEA421: N.2 Voltage inputs (0÷1 V); - DEA420.1: N.2 Pt100 inputs (3-wire); - DEA402.2: N.1 Pt100 inputs (3-wire); - N.1 Thermocouple T type input N.1 pulse/frequency input; - N.1 Pt100 internal temperature sensor as alternative to external sensor; - Screw terminal connections; - Output as instant values or current statistical values for every parameter over programmable time base; - 9÷30 Vdc Power Supply; - IP66 protection grade; - N.1 RS232 port for setup using Terminal Emulation program. Technical file