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Digital display

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Digital indicators for displaying sensor signals CAO is a range of display units including small display units (96×48 mm format) which receive different type of signals (impulse, mV, Vdc, mA). Some models are equipped with n.2 relay outputs in order to activate external devices using programmable thresholds. All models are equipped with optical led, it can be activate when the measurement is out from a programmable range.

Highlights - mA, V, Ohm, Thermocouple, Thermoresistence input signals (CAO622/623); - Pulse, TTL input signals (CAO633/632) for wind speed sensors (DNA202.1/301.1/302.1); - Relay outputs to activate external devices (CAO623/633); - Two programmable thresholds; - N.2 Optical led on the front panel for values out of range Technical file