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The Dytran model 3256C is a single axis piezoelectric charge mode accelerometer with wide bandwidth, designed to provide cost effective general purpose vibration monitoring in temperatures up to +375°F (+190°C). Offered with a sensitivity of 15 pC/g, the model 3256C features a lightweight, robust, hermetically sealed titanium housing with an axial 10–32 connector and 10–32 mounting hole, allowing it to be utilized in a variety of environments.

FEATURES: - Titanium - Hermetic - +375°F (+190°C) operation - Charge mode APPLICATIONS: - Modal and structural analysis - Vibration control - General purpose high temperature vibration monitorin MODEL VARIATIONS: 3256C 15 pC/g sensitivity, 10–32 axial connector, 10–32 tapped hole, 10 grams,–60 to +375°F Operation Technical file