Noise and Vibration

SV 104 New noise dosimeter


The SV 104 is our latest and smallest ever noise dosimeter. It has incredible functionality, taking full noise dosimeter capabilities into a compact style instrument that beats anything else on the market hands down!
Any instrument is only as strong as its weakest point and on a noise dosimeter that’s  normally  the  microphone.  On  the  SV 104  we’ve  removed  that  ‘Achilles heel‘  by  using  a  revolutionary and virtually  indestructible MEMS microphone.  Add to that an inbuilt tri-axial accelerometer for vibration shock detection and
the SV 104 is firmly placed as both the most technically advanced and the most robust personal dosimeter out there. The SV 104 also uses a class beating high resolution, colour OLED screen which makes taking noise measurement a real pleasure.
Never before has a noise dosimeter been so accomplished yet affordable, making your measurements more accurate and reliable than ever before.

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 Vibration testing made easy!

Ideal for field-portable data collection, end-of-line testing, static angular measurements, ride quality, and diagnosis of rotating machinery.


Use VibraScout™ to:

  • Develop “Pass/Fail” criteria for vibration or shock-based “end of line” acceptance testing
  • Product graphics, charts and data for reports and white papers
  • Document “before-and-after” condition to assess effectiveness of design changes
  • Perform ride quality and other “whole body” human response studies”
  • Complete university engineering degree coursework and thesis papers
  • Establish the basis for a simplified machinery condition monitoring program
  • Quickly quantify and pinpoint sources of unwanted vibration
  • Measure tilt angles on heavy equipment, construction sites, and structures
  • Survey anything to get a feel for what’s happening – the first step towards fixing it!


What it Does:

The Dytran model 5340 is a unique and innovative solution for fast, portable, cost effective vibration surveys and data acquisition. Easy to install software allows for real time, three-directional vibration data acquisition (including static inclination) along with real-time temperature monitoring. The system will store acceleration and temperature information, display real-time scrolling plots of acceleration data in Min, Max and Mean, log real-time data to a delimited file for importing into Excel, has auto and smart triggering modes and digital filters to improve signal/noise ratio, performs real-time compression to Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and has many other features, including:

  • Apply post-processing analysis to record data from VibraScout™ sensor
  • Test Log to display RMS, Max, Min, and pk-pk plots for overall recorded data
  • “Scope Preview” feature for data playback
  • Single and double integration for velocity and displacement calculation
  • User defined filters for each individual channel
  • FFT and octave analysis
  • Multi-channel overlays
  • One click export of all plots and text files to data file directory