News for industrial (2014)


Production monitoring with displays

(Available NOW)


1) Contact closure repeater – TIM072


Ideal if you need to share a contact closure signal with two devices, where isolation is required.

Key points :-

1. 24V DC power
2. Volt-free contact input
3. 2 x isolated outputs rated 300V 150mA
4. Solid state, no contact burnout
5. 150Hz repetition rate


2) Extra-Large digits for the 1700 Series!
We’ve added another dimension to the 1700 series. Digit heights of 400mm (16 inches) are now available on all 1700 series models.

This means you can now read important measurements from up to 165 metres, or 540 feet away.

Ideal for large production halls such as paper mills, power stations, etc.



3) Production Line status displays

production line annunciator

See at a glance whether any of your production lines need attention.

A better solution than the old red/green/amber lamps, because each line status is written in clear text.

Various character height options suit a wide range of viewing distances.

Double-sided and three sided versions for all round viewing.