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Rotating Torque Sensor DR-2 1. Torque Sensors

Tension/Compression Sensor K-11 2. Force Sensors

Multi-Component Screw Testing Sensor M-1902 3. Multi-Component Sensors

Weighing Technology

Single Point Load Cell AG
  1. Single Point Load Cells
  2. Compression Load Cells
  3. Tension and Compression Load Cells
  4. Bending or Shear Beam Load Cells
  5. Weighing Modules
  6. Weighing Electronics


Sensor Interface SI-U - SI-I
  1. Sensor Interfaces
  2. DIN Mounting Rail Devices
  3. Tabletop and Laboratory Measuring Devices
  4. Built-In Measuring Devices
  5. Portable Systems

Test Benches and Equipment

Testing System for Torque and Angle of Rotation
  1. Torque Test Benches
  2. Electric Motor Test Rigs
  3. Force Test Stands
  4. Automotive Test Rigs

Data Sheet

Data Sheet Terms and Definitions


  1. Force Unit Calculator
  2. Torque Unit Calculator