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KMT Kraus Messtechnik has a high level of experience and well-known leader in Dat-technology for mobile acquisiton. The systems are designed for mobile data acquisition, transmitting, storing and analysis of strain, torque, vibrations, force, shock, displacement, temperature and flow under extreme ruff conditions. The size is very small and robust to fulfill lot requirements for mobile applications.

Applications in research, test departments and production line of vehicles, racing cars and aircraft as well as aerospace and in the military area. KMT Kraus Messtechnik systems exported today worldwide.


Panel Meters, Large Displays, Factory Software, OEE … Welcome to London Electronics Ltd. We design and build a wide range of standard and custom large displays, panel meters, message displays, signal conditioners, countdown timers process controllers and OEE or production line displays. We also write custom software for monitoring and improving production line efficiency, OEE, quality and reducing down time. Designed to be easy to use, to save you time on site. The Intuitive panel meters, Titan alphanumeric message displays and FUSIONlarge digit display range are advanced products which have a uniquely user-friendly ‘no menu’ approach. A clear, sensible set-up and calibrating method, welcomed by…

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    Dodecahedron loudspeaker tapping machine end dodecahedron speaker. We are builders of tapping machine, omni directional sound source, acoustics sources and dodecahedron loudspeaker. EM 50 Tapping Machine DL 301 Dodecahedron HDL 301 Hemi Dodecahedron D 100 Small Dodecahedron


Since the foundation of the company in 1985, a continuous growth is to be noted. Within shortest time, the company developed to a leading provider of sensors and system solutions for the measurement of force and torque.

By the continuous expansion of the product range, a great selection of cor­re­sponding measuring amplifiers, display and evaluation devices can be of­fered. Custom-built solutions for the most different measurement tasks are available next to the great standard program.


Indoor Environmental Quality – Heat stress – Buildings assessment/Wall insulation   Indoor Environmental Quality Since his inception, indoor environmental assessment has been LSI Lastem’s core business. Over the years, we implemented the most complete range of systems to measure the critical quantities defining health and comfort of building occupants.